Nima Tours was set up to benefit the community of Nima in the heart of Accra.  

We would like you to experience what Nima has to offer & by doing so you are giving back to our community Here are some other ideas for you 

Tie & Dye

Spend a few hours and learn how Ghanaians, Malians and other West African citizens in Nima make a living out of tie & dye. 

Here you get to see how these people design, colour & stitch clothes with their own hands without modern technology to bring out fantastically printed materials into beautiful african wear which are sold and exported.

They will take you through the processes of their work from start to finish in a unique fashion you don't get to see anywhere else.

As an addition, if you would like to buy some material from them, an excellent tailor is nearby and can help you design and then sew it into an exclusive garment!

Come and have a feel of the wonderful hard-working people from West Africa and hear their stories.


This is Ghana!  Learn to drum & dance with the best! 

It's our traditional culture, which is important with the different ways and manners of each ethnic group of people from Ghana & other parts of West Africa who have become brothers and sisters co-existing in peace in Nima.

Meet some of the finest instructors from Nima Kusum Gboo Dance Ensemble.  Stephen, master drummer & choreographer, Ras Dennis who teaches the children and pupils at Anani Memorial International School.  Ras Johnny is also another master drummer and Jah Spirit who also sells arts and crafts at the Shiashi Art Centre.  

Learn or improve your drumming skills!  Offering lessons for novices and experienced drummers by our friends in Nima who will teach Ghanaian rythyms, sounds and beats that will remain on your hands and in your minds forever!

If you can drum, then listen to the sounds & rythyms of your master drummer and move to his instructions.  Music feeds your soul so put yourself into the African spirit and learn new moves and steps that will make you understand the culture, signs and meanings of the African people. 

Learn how to dance with Kpalogo from Greater Accra, Agbadza from Volta Region & Adowa from Kumasi, all Nima residents who will teach you several Ghanaian & West African dances & rythyms.  

Come & feel the vibrations!


Local Food you can find in Nima - Try some local food! 

Tuo Zafi - cooked powdered millet; eat it with ...

Kwakwa - a palm nut soup

Waakye - boiled rice and beans (white black eye), peas with gari and noodles with fried fish.

Hausa Kooko - prepared from millet or sogium (brown & red coloured porridge) 

Koose - is prepared with beans and in the form of a cake

Massa - also made from white rice with spices plus hot pepper to add taste.

Also at a chop bar:

Plain rice

Jollof rice



Wash it down with:

Soborobo - a drink from the red leaves of a plant

Lamugin - made from white rice, colour & spices

Samia - from the seeds of Africa's big baobab tree!

Brukina - with fermented milk and cows milk, it tastes a little sour.  An original recipe from Burkina Faso but brought to Nima by Sumaila's mother

Pito, Tosse & Brukuto - locally brewed beers here in Nima

Bon app├ętit!


 Unusual & unique activities you can also do in Nima

  • Follow a head porter (Kayayo) or pure water seller
  • Interact with a market woman & see how they survive on a daily basis

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