A few visitors comments after experiencing Ghana Nima Tours 

  • Charles' tour of Nima gives visitors a fascinating insight into this culturally diverse neighbourhood. He is a charismatic and friendly guide with tons of local knowledge. A thoroughly unique experience in Accra - highly recommended!  Ruth-Ellen Davis, Time Out Accra  February 2012
  • Thank you for the tour.It was truly the highlight of our short stay in Ghana.For all of my travel to foreign countries i haven't had an experience like this before to see daily life up close. Thank you also for setting up on such short notice-this was the best part of the trip.A very special experience.Thank you and good luck with the business. 06/04/2014 
    Washington DC.
    UK School group from Yorkshire - 10 day expedition April 2014
    • Charles Sablah is an amazing man who is always smiling.He is friendly,caring and very knowledgeable about Ghana.It was a pleasure to meet him and i will never forget the time i met CharlesWilliam 
    • Charles is a wonderful man and i thoroughly enjoyed him being with us. He always has a smile on his face and always is up for a laugh. If anyone comes to Ghana,recommend him. He's a top bloke. Conell 
    • Charles Sablah is a wonderful man,he is always smiling and is really fun to be around. He is hard-working and has a passion for what he does and must be the best in the business. Charles always has a laugh. If anyone is coming to Ghana i would strongly recommend CharlesJack C
    • Charles Sablah provides a 10/10 service and always has a smile on his face,throughout our stay in Ghana he has entertained us with vast knowledge of the country and his fun personality. Charles has been amazing to be with. Alex 
    • Charles Sablah has a growing business and provides an excellent service. His knowledge of Ghana is amazing and always has a smile on his face and loving his job. I would advise his tours to anyone for an enjoyable experience of Ghana. Max 
    • In Ghana Charles was a pretty sound guy and a quality guide. He was great and always on time.  He was always smiling and was really nice to be around. I have enjoyed him being around and a really good guide. Thanks CharlesJack V.
    • Charles Sablah is the best tour guide because he is not shy and gets on with groups really well and he is a loving person. He is always smiling and laughing and he puts the group in such good spirit. Thanks CharlesDaniel
    • Charles is the kindest guy you'll ever meet. He's helpful,has a great amount of local knowledge and he always has a smile on his face. Not only is he a great guy but he is also great tour guide. Ben
    • Charles,words cannot describe your dedication,resiliance and passion towards your growing business and us. You are very friendly,funny and in all,an inspirational and great guy. You are serious when you need to be and hilarious at the right times. I wish you all the best of luck for your future life and business. Jack S
    • Charles is an inspiration to  us all. I have nothing but admiration for him and i think he is a fabulous role model to young people. I have every confidence his business will go from strength to strength and i wish you all the luck in the world. Miss Jenny (Teacher)
    • Charles Sablah,what a guy. One of the coolest people i've met with a very inspirational outlook on like and an extremely positive mindset which is truly infectious. You're welcome to come explore my neighbourhood anytime,keep well. Mr John (Teacher) 
    • Charles just to say thank you for all your support while on expedition. You helped the group to settle in and have a great time. I really hope you manage to get back to school and finish your education. All the best. Mr Mark (Expedition Leader)

  • Totally Recommended.  
    Charles is a great guide.  He'll tell you the stories of the people and places.From the beginning you start your visit until he lead you to your taxi or hotel.  
    In this experience you have the choice to do and see whatever you are interested in, food,urban information,architecture,shops or just walk around.  Enjoy! 
    Susan G. Portugal/Guinea Bissau 15th September 2013
  • If you are interested in seeing the local life of Ghana inside and out – I highly recommend Ghana 
    Nima Tours! Being local, Charles takes you to places that he personally is acquainted with, and 
    you will get prime treatment and hands-on experience in Kente weaving, Djembe drumming, 
    seeing famous custom coffins in production, participating in a Voodoo ceremony, and listening 
    to children of a Nima school sing for you. I took two excellent tours with Charles and Ghana 
    Nima Tours the past week. The first day, I took a walking tour of Accra starting with passing 
    through the narrow streets of Nima, visiting classes at a local public school, and squeezing 
    through the crowds of the Nima market. We also attended several national attractions, such as 
    National Museum, National Art Center for Crafts, Makola maket – the biggest market in Accra, 
    climbed up the Jamestown light house, and passed by the Independence Square and Presidential 
    Palace! The second day we took a ride to the Volta region; we watched the weaving process of 
    colorful Kente fabric at a village, met with a local Voodoo priest in another village 
    who made a little Voodoo ceremony for us, had lunch at a breathtaking beach in 
    Keta region and had a tour around Fort Prinzenstien, a slave castle built in 1784 by the Danish.  
    Overall, the tours exceeding my expectation in how informative and versatile they were. Charles 
    and Sanni (the driver) are very resourceful and reliable, and if I am back in Ghana again, I will 
    definitely take another tour with them!  
    Irina Washington DC, USA 
  • Before I arrived in Accra I had discovered Nima Walking Tours via TripAdvisor,and i really wanted to do this tour.  
    By chance, I got in touch with Charles through Couchsurfing when I arrived,as i was looking for a place to rent for six months.He offered to help me and took me around to see the place and work everything out.Thanks to Charles I'm now settled in Nima.  
    A few days later I did the walking tour with Charles.He met me at the roundabout and started telling me the story of how Nima became a suburb of Accra.  He is very knowledgable about Nima and the people who settled here.  He walked me through the streets,and then through the fascinating Nima Market.  
    He introduced me to his friends we met along the way,and I had a unique chance to ask about all the food in the market.We passed by a compound to meet his sister,we had some refreshments-and then he took me to his mothers compound to see how they prepare ''fufu'' the traditional way.He also showed me his house and explained how most people live their lives in Nima.  
    I am so greatful for this introduction to Nima,which will be my ''home'' for the next six months.  Charles is a very good and professional guide,and you can trust he will take good care of you.  
    I will definitely hire Charles again for any tour in Accra and Ghana.  
    Elin Reitchaug,Norwegian Travel Blogger http://tasteofslow.com/nima-accra-walking-tour  11th August 2013
  • A very informative and worthwhile tour.Charles, the guide, is clearly very knowledgable and passionate about Nima.Higly recommended.Much love.  
    Daniel,Mark,Laura and Hannah. UK & USA 
    3rd August 2013
  • When you come to Accra,please consider getting a personalized tour of Accra with Charles assistant Kofi Anane.He will include a tour of his school in Nima.The children are bright and full of hope and promise.You will take them into your heart.  It will grow.  Sandra Howard UK  
    31st July 2013
  • We were recommended a tour by Charles from a friend of mine and it was totally worth doing.  We walked through the maze of Nima market with all the fascinating sights and smells.  
    Afterwards we were taken to the rooftop of a shop for a great view of Nima.  Then we went to the International school where we were greeted by a friendly staff and cheerful students,so eager to meet us and sing some french songs.Finally we were shown where Charles lives and got a sense of the cost of living in Nima.  
    Thanks for a great tour.
    Tanya and Carlo, UK 29th July 2013
  • Charles took my friend and me on a wonderful tour of Nima.We moved with ease through the market place and the residential areas.Along the way we greeted and were greeted by residents of the area,and experienced a part of Accra that most American visitors will rarely see.  
    Bart, Washington, Washington DC.  21st July 2013
  • Charles is wonderful.He took us to National Museum, Makola market, Jamestown lighthouse, the Artist gallery and ended at Teshie shop to watch coffins being made.  He is a charming, gentle and well-informed guide.  I recommend him strongly.  Robert Johnson and Family.
    Columbia, Missouri 
    USA. 17th July 2013
  • Charles gave an awesome tour paced just right.  If you want to see, taste, feel the amazingly integrated area of Nima.  Call Charles,some think slum, I think it is the 'realest'' tour I have ever taken. Be sure to stop by the little french school.  Will melt your heart what they are doing there with very little.
    USA  13th July 2013
  • I met Kofi Anani, the son of the founder of Anani Memorial School. I learned about the history of the school plus saw the library and classes in session. Their children are beautiful and it was fun to meet them. Then we saw where Charles lives- I think I suprised him plus his brother when I said the size of his apartment is comparable to a studio in NYC or San Francisco. It was interesting to see it and the neighbourhood. We visited where his mom lives, then enjoyed a refreshment with friends of Charles in one of the compounds. We visited his stepmom and met her family,very warm,sweet people. We walked through the beautiful market,since it was Wednesday, the smell plus the colors were wonderful! Lastly,we went to a rooftop to get a fantastic view of the center of Nima + met his entrepreneurial friend who is a barber & owns another phone business. A lovely walk around Nima + I learned so much. Thank you, Charles. Nicole, San Francisco, USA. 29th May 2013
  • I spent my very first day in Ghana with Charles looking around Nima. He gave me a meeting point (waited for me even though I was late!) and showed me all around his neighbourhood. He told me its history,answered all my questions and introduced me to his lovely friends. We ended the day with a delicious meal made by his very generous mother and messed around with his neighbours. It was a fantastic experience. I haven't done enough yet to know if its the best but i have a good feeling.... I know that I have seen a part of Ghana today that without this tour with Charles I would never have discovered. Definitely recommended. Kate McD London UK 19th May 2013
  • We thorough enjoyed Charles's very informative and entertaining tour. We were looking forward to this unique insight into Nima life. Charles made us very welcome immediately and it was easy to be absorbed by his laid back but very knowledgable demeanor. We felt at ease asking questions throughout the tour and they were answered with enthusiasm. It was a great way to spend time and we feel enriched by the experience. Tony and Katrien, London, UK. 27 May 2013 
  • Charles and his friend picked us up at out hotel in an air conditioned car (with a necessary large bottle of water!) We began our day by walking through the neighbourhood of Nima, where Charles grew up, and visited the local market. He walked us through different stalls and introduced us to people along the way. We had the opportunity to see and experience the real Accra, see how Ghanaians live, even met Charles' neighbours. After, we went through Makola market, the Art center, Kwame Nkrumah's museum, and the lighthouse in Jamestown. Along the way Charles answered our questions, pointed out landmarks, and spent hours with us talking about history and life in Ghana. We loved every minute and are so grateful for the experience, uncommon to tourism. We ended the day feeling it was one of the most unique experiences we have come across in our travels.  Stew & Bethany London, UK & USA 25th May 2013
  • I spent with Charles, CEO of Ghana Nima Tours two full days making one trip to the Volta Kente Region and another one to the Cape Coast, Elmina and the Kakum National Park plus Charles provided assistance while i was in Nima-an area of Ghana famous for its medley of the people coming from different cultures and backgrounds.  
    Charles is a responsible person able to give and to reach out when asked.  Also he provides the Nima area visual tours that are unique and challenging and are suited to the tastes of a person-traveler.  
    I wish Charles a prolific and fruitful future as he-with all his efforts-definitely deserves.He is the outstanding case helping both his community and catering for himself. 
    Ulita, Russia 10th & 11th May, 2013
  • Me and Charles walked through Nima, a small alley where Charles was born, and the place Charles lives & of course a small bar next to that. It was interesting and I got a exposed to a lot of different living ways.  
    We then went to a market with a lot of seafood, cereals and finally back to hotel.  
    All I can recommend and of course comment was Charles, really friendly and if he could, he can be a real professional tour guy.  Its safe and cheap and interesting.  
    Tommy, Vietnam (
    Student studying market in Singapore) 21st & 25th April, 2013
  • Charles is a warranty to know the real Accra.  Nima is in the heart of Accra and seeing around the tiny streets you can feel what really happens and not just what you can see in a regular tourist tour.  
    During the tour you always feel safe and the most interesting part is to get to know all Charles friends in the street, the school, the market and all around Nima.  Tours like this can make a whole difference.  
    Amazing work and amazing people.  
    Barcelona, Spain.
    13th April 2013
    Thursday 11th April, 2013
    my wife Janet & I were collected by Charles at the Tema Port.  We drove by air-conditioned taxi from 10 30 am on a hot morning and Charles explained his background, family life, education and his special interest in charitable work in a school in Nima.  
    He mentioned his collaboration work other organisations and charitable figures endeavoring to protect against 'trafficking' in West Africa.  
    We drove through the colourful outskirts of Nima taking photos from the car in marked contrast to the Embassy District.  We visited the National Museum for 1 hour with an excellent guide explaining the cultural heritage of Ghana and West Africa.  
    We then stopped for a late lunch with an American friend at 'Buka' restaurant.  We needed a drink after a quick visit (highly recommended) to Makola market where I bought a man's belt.  At the National Museum I was interviewed by TV3 whilst my wife was buying a necklace made by a local Ghanaian.  
    In the afternoon we toured the Nkrumah Memorial Gardens and adjacent museum with Charles who was interested in Pan-Africanism and answered our questions. 
    We drove through Jamestown to the lighthouse, then out to see Coffins designed and custom-built before heading to the airport.  
    Dr. Neville & Janet, Surrey,UK
  • We went on a walking tour of Nima, followed by a stop at the francophone festival.  We then went and saw an art exhibition and a very talented coffin maker.  
    It was a very interesting tour indeed.  
    Charles is an excellent guide and it was great to see another side of Accra.
    Charlotte Baker, 
    London, UK. 23rd March 2013
  • I spent the last two days seeing Accra sights and areas outside of Accra.I was with my son Matt who is 12 years old, and we had an excellent time.  
    We visited Nima, the makola market, the art and culture center, Jamestown light house, Jamestown fishing area and also went outside Accra to a great coffin builder and also to a bead maker, what a great way to see some special parts of Ghana and meet some of its wonderful people.  I highly recommend Charles and his tours.  
    Dan Pauly, U.S.A 
  • It has been a very interesting and authentic experience.Thank you for showing us the 'Real' ACCRA.  
    Good Luck with your initiatives,you deserve to make it a success. 
    Thank you!  
    Elena, Bulgaria, 
    Luis, Catalonia & 
    Matt, France 17th March 2013
  • "The next morning we woke up early and met our guide for the day; Charles.  Charles was a slim, smiley 29 year old man who had been raised in the slums of Accra.  He came highly recommended by other travellers so I booked him for two days via email.  It was money well spent.  Charles quickly put us at ease with his easy-going yet professional attitude.  He was quick and eager to answer any questions we put to him and he made sure that we saw a side of Accra that most tourists don’t see."  Quoted from Canadian client's blog 15th February  2013 http://kamikazecanuck.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/first-impressions/
  • Reference from same Canadian couple: We had a wonderful time with you Charles!  We learned so much about what daily life is like for an Accra resident.  Cant thank you enough.  You are always welcome at our house if you ever make it to Canada.  We toured Nima area and School, Jamestown, Makola market and also went out to beadmaking in Somanya.  It was a great time!  I really admire how much you help at the school. All the best! Jason G & Megan C 14th & 16th February 2013  
  • Today will mark my final full day in Ghana and sub-saharan Africa,and I could not think of a better way to finish it then meeting Charles and visiting the humble nature of Nima.The sights,sounds and smells of this place was enough to make me appreciate this amazing place!A beautiful day and for me this was a privilage to meet some of the most amazing people who are willing to better the community.Thank you, Charles, Kofi-Anane.Nima and Ghana! Ryan W (Australia,Melbourne) 31/01/2013.  
  • Charles made a very interesting tour for us in Nima.  It gave us a valuable insight into daily life in Accra.  We highly recommend him. 
    Toren Litten
    , Sweden.  January 2013
  • The tour was very worth it. I have lived for 10 months here in Accra, and still learned many new things on the tour. I brought my 6-person family on the tour and they all enjoyed it. Charles was patient and knowledgeable, showing us around a vegetable/meat market in full swing, taking us up onto the roof of a friend's house for views of the neighborhood, pointing out historic and religious sites, leading us through the rabbit warren of little houses and stores in Nima, and showing us where he lives for an understanding of a typical person's life there. Very interesting!! Thank you Charles! Alexandra Shaw, United States Jan 2013 
  • My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with Charles on New Years Day walking around James Town and the lighthouse. It was so interesting to hear about Charles's background, some history of the people of Nima but also of his parents' who are Ewe from Volta.  Going to the top of the lighthouse was fascinating but also beautiful - a very peaceful experience which felt miles away from the streets below!  My favourite part of the tour though was walking around the streets of James Town and down to the fishing harbour. These were areas I wouldn't have felt comfortable to venture into as an obruni alone, but Charles made us feel very welcome there and taught us about how people go about their lives in James Town.  Thanks so much for the tour.   I hope to do the Nima tour another time and will definitely recommend Charles's tours for any other visitors I have in Ghana.  Best of luck in 2013! Nicola, UK January 2013
  • I was on a tour in Nima,1st November,2012.The places we visited were Nima, an artist gallery and a store where they make amazing wood coffins. In Nima we went around for a long while and it was amazing. The tour was different in a very good way as we visited a bi-lingual school, we visited friends of Charles and we really got to see the real Nima together with Charles who is from there. It was amazing and I give my highest recommendations! The Artist gallery was beautiful and the store with the coffins was really exciting to see. A big thanks to Charles for a great day in Ghana!Never to forget! Best Regards. Anna, Sweden. November '12
  • We very much enjoyed meeting you & visiting Nima last month.  
    Charles is a charming young man who does a marvellous job, and we learned a lot walking around Nima, and also visiting the school there.  He also accompanied us to the museum, art galleries, markets, Jamestown etc.  
    Some friends of ours from Boston are visiting Accra and I have recommended that they should get in touch with Charles!
      Thank you very much for helping us to better understand and appreciate life in Nima and around Accra.  We wish you the very best of luck in your wonderfully enterprising venture.
    Tricia & Mark, Oxfordshire, UK - 
    Oct 2012
  • With Charles at your side you'll explore the nooks and crannies of an area most visitors and many residents of Accra rarely visit. He lives and breathes Nima and you are given a glimpse of how dependence on your neighbours forges a solid working community. Charles is a lovely guy with more life experience than most of us aquire in many more years. Harold, England - November 2012
  • Charles Sablah was our guide within and outside Accra.  He did a good job taking us through Nima and customizing the tour to my specific interests.  With Kojo Hickson, our very skilled driver we visited Cape Coast Castle as well as Elmina Castle.  They also went out of the way to find a specific pharmacy for me.  Any gesture, feel free to contact me.  Mr S
    . Fagan, 
    Palm Beach,FL. USA 
    Oct 2012
  • You probably have seen it from the Kanda Highway, a sea of tin and tile rooftops with islands of mosques reaching up above. But there is nothing like getting inside this amazing neighborhood, with its roots in Mali and northern Ghana and its swirling masses of people. We were lucky enough to explore it with Charles Sablah on a Wednesday, market day in Nima, which simply expands on the wonderful, aromatic, noisy chaos, and he was such a savvy, attentive native guide.  Highly recommended to short-timers and longer-term visitors to Accra alike: it is an essential side of this city that balances the polo club, the Hummers and all the rest. – U.S.Expats (Lecturer at University of Ghana).  April 2012
  • I had a wonderful time with Charles.  A thousand thank yous for the guided tour today. It was an amazing experience to see Nima, especially given all the Eid festivities today.  I really enjoyed the chance to visit your friends as well - and it was good to chill out with a beer and some lunch. Ben - UK August 2012
  • Charles Sablah's walking tour of Nema is an eye opening introduction to the other Accra. Charles keeps up an interesting and informative narative on his way through his home neighbourhood. We were fortunate to have our tour on market day so giving us wonderful visual and olfactory experiance. As we had to meet all the children and teachers in The Anani Memorial International School where the Principal Kofi Anane made us really welcome we were unable to complete the tour. If or when we return to Accra we will make it a priority to see the rest of Charles' Nema.  We wish you every success with your Nima walking tours and congratulations for your ingenuity and entrepreneurial flair.  Neil and Liz, Taunton, UK.  May 2012
  • Thanks for a colourful and 'fragrant' tour of Nima, enjoyed the the Anani School, walking through the market and climbing to find a panoramic and coolish view of Nima. Goodluck with your future tours. Kathryn, John and Anna,UK (November 2012)
  • I would like to strongly recommend the Nima Tours organized by Charles. I am a student which undertook a research project in Accra, and part of our work took place in Nima. Our first time in the area was with Charles, and he gave us an amazing introduction to the life of Nima, showing us around places of particular importance, introducing us to many different people, and providing really interesting explanations.  It was really informative but also a lot of fun! Charles is an excellent guide, and I think setting up the Nima Tours was a great idea as it allows an insight into this incredibly interesting area, breaking many preconceptions that people might have and presenting Nima for what it really is.  We are really grateful for the tour but also for the friendship that came out of it. We will never forget this encounter!  Student at University College, London, UK (part of a group of 7 students) May 2012
  • I enjoyed my tour of Nima from start to finish. When you come to Ghana, people tell you to avoid Nima because it is dangerous. I was told that it was guaranteed that I would get robbed if I went. This tour put those stereotypes and rumours to rest. I saw that Nima was a vibrant and lively community, not a violent and scary place. We saw multilingual schools full of children. We saw markets full of shoppers. We saw families living their everyday lives. Nima has a lot more to offer than its reputation tells, and this tour will show it to you. Josh - Canada June 2012
  • Well worth seeing life in Nima, you wouldn't get this chance normally & Charles' insight makes it very interesting - UK airline pilot (now a regular visitor!) Visits from Jan 2012
  • The Nima walking tour is a great insight into everyday life in a vibrant and diverse part of Accra. Charles is a wonderful guide who really welcomes you into his community and makes you feel at home whilst highlighting both the resourcefulness and community spirit, as well as the struggles, of the residents of Nima. Charles and the teachers we spoke to at the bi-lingual school are really inspirational in their outlook and the way they want to help develop Nima. I thoroughly recommend the tour to anyone who wants to see beyond a hotel lobby in Accra.  African Marketing Officer, UK University Easter 2012
  • Charles' charm and gentle ways are a big part of what made the tour an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Everyone in Nima seems to know and appreciate him so it felt more genuine than your average tour.  Thanks to Charles, we discovered a diverse and thriving neighborhood and understood its importance for the migrant community of the neighbouring nations. Charles' tour shouldn't be missed by anyone wishing to explore the true Accra.  Carine & Johnny, UK March 2012
  • In my mind, a visit to Accra would be incomplete without enjoying a tour of Nima with Charles. Not only was Charles very knowledgeable about his community, but he was also engaging and an awful lot of fun to spend a few hours with. I truly felt like I got a behind-the-scenes glimpse into life in Nima with him. Everywhere we went Charles was greeted by a friendly face, which put us at ease in the sometimes chaotic streets. The stop at Anani Memorial International School was definitely a highlight for me, as we enjoyed interesting conversation with Principal Anane and some playtime with the schoolchildren. Charles' drive and passion for bettering himself and his community made the entire experience feel very genuine. I truly enjoyed the tour and the time I got to spend with him.
    Dominique (exchange student, University of Ghana-Legon) Canada May 2012
  • Lovely review on: http://bradtghanaupdate.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/walking-tours-in-nima-accra/ "We did the walking tour with Charles and loved it — a wonderful inside look at a community we’ve always wondered about in the nearly full year we’ve been living in Accra. He’s soft-spoken, friendly and knowledgeable, and readily adapts the tour to your interests. We’d recommend it to anyone interested in a look at the REAL Accra. — Bill & Theresa"
  • A humbling experience that brings you back to reality! - Irish visitor & iniator of this project for Charles having visited 2010, 2011 & 2012
  • I had a nice walk with Charles Sablah. He's a really great guy & really friendly and also let me copy his music. We had nice stop-overs in two drink spots, one a Senegalese place for coffee where we got cheated with wrong promises (very African). For 5 cedis for two hours I got a visual (if not verbal) insight into a quarter I wouldn't even have heard of without him. - German visitor Dec 2011
  • Charles is an inspiration, he is shy at first but is a wonderful guide who will go on to do well & give more back to his community in Nima. Can't wait to return - US Visitor Oct 2011
  • Charles Sablah is an amazing person. Nima, Accra is a community of diverse Ghanaians and West Africans living together. It may be the poorer part of Accra but surely is the liveliest, especially at night.  Charles is been born and raised in Nima, and knows the area so well. Definitely worth a while to spend in Nima! - Belgian visitors 2011

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