Sunday is a special day in my Nima household because I get to enjoy one of my favorite foods - Fufu

Prepared with cassava and green plantain which is high in protein and comes with different variety of Ghanaian soups I extend a hand to you to come see me pound the cassava.

First I'll pound the cassava to a rough stage then pound the plantain to be smooth, then I go back to the cassava to make it smooth and mix it together.  This makes it look more brown instead of looking white because most people only use a few plantain. 

 Then I'll help my mum cook this delicious meal.

Palm nut soup, groundnut and light soup which is full of vegetables.  Fish, meat and other local ingredients like onions, ginger or garlic to spice it up will make you ask for more.  

Even though this is regarded as a heavy type of food, most homes prepare Fufu on Sundays and serve some to neighbours.

I'm welcoming you to my house in Nima where I was born and raised; so you get to meet my mother and spend time with the neighbours' kids in my family compound house.

(Click on the photos to enlarge them, see my mum & I in action!)

 You're welcome to join us every Sunday BUT please call/mail by SATURDAY afternoon so we can buy enough provisions


Time                    4 pm
Fee                      20 Ghana Cedis per person

Call Charles your Tour Guide (& pounder!) 024 627 0095 to book!

 Fufu, chicken soup, dry fish and keta school boys (yes, a fish called a school boy!)

 Boiled yam and palava sauce (or kontomire stew).

 You are undertaking this tour at your own request; responsibility in any situation falls on you.

Ghana Nima Tours will not take any responsibility for any lost property, accidents or other unforeseen incidents.

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