Ghana Nima Tours are committed to 'responsible tourism' - by giving back to the people of Nima; enriching your experience & their lives.  

Charles has started these tours to earn some money to pay for his education.  He is being seen by youngsters as a role model & would like to expand his tours so that he can mentor some younger Nima residents to do what he does and giving back to his community.  

The Tour will last approximately two hours and can consist of: (dependant on the day of your visit - also see tour-itinerary.php ) 

  • The alleys of Nima, seeing the way people survive in their rooms with communal washing facilities & access to water pipes for washing & cooking
  • Watching & listening to Nima's traditional drum & dance group (Mon, Wed & Fri 7pm-9pm)
  • Visit to a primary school in the heart of Nima that teaches in English & French, many of the children are from neighbouring countries & the school does their best to provide an education to the children of the families that live in Nima
  • Enjoying some local food at a 'chop' (food) place in Nima (at your expense)

The costs for a Tour of Nima (revised 15-03-2018):

30GhC per person per hour (approx £4.80/US$6.70/5.50euros) foreign exchange rates via

Rates can be negotiated for groups of more than 4 people.

Please advise in advance if you have a large group (over 8 people) - 

If you have a vehicle that you would like to securely park, you will need to pay GhC5 to the gateman

Any tips, please give separately to the person you wish to tip!

Further information

  • If you are concerned about your safety Charles will personally collect you or organise the transport to Nima from your hotel and back (which will incur a minimal extra cost plus taxi fares)

  • You can go on a tour whenever you like, it just takes a phone call or e-mail to set it up.

  • Normally, you will tour on your own with Charles to make it more personalised, it won't be with a group of others. 

  • If you would like to visit something in particular or extend the tour, please feel free to ask us for a custom-made tour

  • Charles, your guide is very well-known in friendly Nima & considers your safety of paramount importance!


    • Wear good walking shoes/boots. Preferably shoes that have toes closed in, due to any mud or water on your route
    • Please don't bring unnecessary valuables on the tour like jewellery, expensive watches or large camera lenses

    • Please respect people's privacy. Nima residents are very friendly & if you want to stop to talk you may find yourself invited in, but please don't peek around doorways!  

      Be culturally sensitive with photography, if you're not sure then ask your guide. Please don't take photos of people/homes without asking.  We've witnessed tourists in Makola market who have had things thrown at them, because they've ignored this advice!

    • If you are bringing children on a tour, they should be of an age that they can walk easily. If not, you will need to carry them. Take note that the tour takes 2hrs or so in the heat!  Bringing any type of pushchair isn't feasible! 

    • Please don't give anything out during the tour. No money, sweets, pens etc. This becomes chaos & children may make the connection that all tourists have gifts!  

    • If you would like to donate material or financial gifts to one of the organisations or people you've visited during the tour, you can talk about this after the tour with Charles.  Although, if you have any material of an educational matter, the school will welcome it, please hand it to a person in charge.

    • To help Charles improve the tour we would like to ask you to give him some feedback after the tour & make any suggestions

      You are undertaking this tour at your own request; responsibility in any situation falls on you.  Ghana Nima Tours will not take any responsibility for any lost property, accidents or other unforeseen incidents 

  Walking Tour Guide: Charles Sablah    Call +233 (0)24-627-0095 or  +233 (0)24-256-1793


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